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I love my iPhone. I am genuinely in love with it and now cannot picture my life without it. It is ever present in my pocket and the small amount of time that we are apart (charging in the other room for example) is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat and a mild panic attack. My iPhone is even a much closer companion to me than my lovely girlfriend, although it is (slightly) less affectionate…

Now I also love Google, I think they do everything right from a usability perspective and their programs are almost functionally perfect. I’m sure one day I will move onto an Android phone but I’m still in the honeymoon phase with Apple so it will take a while before I leave my iphone for a new younger sexier model.

But Google do absolutely fantastic apps for the iphone, here are my favourites. Oh and did I mention they are all free?!

Google Goggles – Number One

Google Goggles is the future. Google voice search meant I don’t need to type searches in anymore but Google Goggles means I don’t even have speak anymore! Its simple, you take a photo and it searches the internet for you based on that photo. Want more info on a landmark? Take a photo and it will link you to a Wikipedia article. Don’t recognise a famous photo/painting? Google Goggles will. Take a photo of an advert and it will take you to the right company website. Take a photo of some foreign text and it will recognise it and translate for you (more on this later…).

And my personal favourite… Take a photo of a suduko puzzle and it will recognise it and give you the answer! That’s right it solves it for you! (I saw this during a recent presentation by Googles UK MD and it caused a large spontaneous applause) It really is the future and is getting better all the time. Check out the youtube video below from Google it really shows how great it is.

Google Goggles is now of the main Google search app on iPhone but is still separate on Andorid

Google Translate – Number Two

This app blew me away the first time I used it. Having watched Star Trek growing up, this was the first time I could see some of the technology portrayed in the series actually available in the real world, and better still in my pocket!

Speak into it and will recognise it what you’re saying. Pick a language and it translates it for you, and then reads it out. It is a translator for hundreds of languages and it sits on your phone and works in seconds. It is amazing. I have no doubt that this will break down the language barrier like no other and mean that the translators that are always needed in cop shows become redundant.

Download it now, it’s awesome 🙂

Google Places – Number Three

I could have picked several options here, Google Earth is great, Google latitude is intriguing (if slightly stalkerish) and the new G+ app is certainly well developed. But Google places is probably the app I use the most.

Need a local restaurant? Search and it will recognise where you are and tell you what’s near, complete with contact details, how far it is from you, user reviews, opening hours, and a link to the map screen. It is simple to use and just does exactly what it should do (a trait of all Google programs).

I used it to search for dry cleaners the other day and found out there was one about 100 metres from my home. I’m pretty sure I would never have found it if I hadn’t searched on Google yet it is perfectly located for me and saved me a 3 mile round trip to the only one I knew of. It makes the yellow pages redundant (think of all the trees it will save!) and means that local business have the same exposure as the big national chains in the local area.

All three apps are must haves on your smart phone, they are perfect for mobile devices and really show what is possible with today’s technology. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

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