3 TED talks about marketing worth watching


An old colleague of mine put me on to TED a few years back, he showed me the legendary talk by Ken Robinson about Education. It’s fair to say I was impressed.

The fact that this fantastic content is all available for free on their, superb, website is amazing as many inferior organisations would charge a small fortune as a consultancy for poorer content. If you want inspiration on almost any topic, TED.com is worth a visit.

Amongst its amazingly thought provoking presentations are several about the various facets of marketing. Interestingly, I also noticed several of the subject themes I have learnt from TED within my last post about customer service so its only fair to reference a few of them.

Here’s my 3 favourites that are well worth watching.

Adding value to your offering – Rory Sutherland

This is one of the best marketing style presentations I’ve watched online and I really wish I had been shown it whilst studying for my Marketing Degree. It explores where the actual perceived value of a product comes from and how you can add to it through intangible assets.

His example about improving the rail link between London and Paris (about 2 minutes in) was the light bulb moment for me finally realising what Porters Value Chain was actually all about.

Watch it.

Ideas that spread, Win – Seth Godin

I make no apologies for my love of Seth Goding.

He makes interesting, insightful points in an entertaining, thought provoking and concise way.

This talk is no different but what is impressive is that is was made in 2003.

Nearly 10 years ago and yet if it was delivered yesterday it would still seem incredible relevant.

It has some amazing sound bites and quotes but my favourite is about classifying todays shoppers as having

 ‘More choices and less time’ 

 This is exactly the daily situation consumer product companies have in today’s world. Make your product remarkable.

What physics taught me about marketing – Dan Cobley:

The title may intrigue some and put off others but its definitely worth a watch.
Dan is the Marketing Director for Google UK and his views/observations show his Digital credentials. Noticing similarities in brand positioning and Newtons law may not be obvious but it does put an interesting angle on things.
His views on how,  by observing or researching things, you affect the results I can really relate to and one of my big concerns about insight gathering. It also highlights why I am much happier measuring online behaviour through website analytics to base decisions on than just asking potential customers questions who will likely give undue emphasis on irrelevant items.
Its well worth a watch.

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